Mykel Stryker's Items

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Mykel Stryker's Items

Post  JJ York on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:08 am


Swords: Steel bladed Longsword with leather bound grip.

Bows: Recoiled Hunter's Bow with Iron tipped arrows.

Knives: Two curved Dirks.


Head: Cloth Bandana (Only wears when it is too hot)

Body: Frayed yet thick Leather armor held together by firm strapping. A bandolier of sorts with various pockets. His armor ends just blow above his elbows.

Hands: Fingerless gloves that allow him to grip his items better, primarily his sword.

Bottoms: Unarmored dirty white cloth trousers.

Footwears: Custom made mixture of leather, cotton and cloth to support heavy weight. There are various small pieces of 'Bendy' Steel laced into its sides that would soften any blows to his feet.

Jewellery: A bangle and necklace, both carved from cheap and crude metal, cheap but given by Amelie.

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