Amelie's Story

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Amelie's Story

Post  Penelope Jones on Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:04 pm

Name: Amelie
Nicknames: Glamour
Age: 20
Homeland: Storms End
Affiliation: None


Amelie is short in height at just 5”5 with an athletic build. She has pouty red lips and green, fluttery doe eyes and pale skin. On the outside she appears to be full of innocence with a hint of wickedness. Her dress sense is usually that of an revealing nature. Usually in revealing robes that barely cover her breasts and expose her abdomen. She wears several gold chain belts that jingle as she walks. Usually she is adorned with jewellery such as bangles and hair charms.


Amelie was born in Storms End to a whore. She learned later in life that her mother was a merchant in Kings Landing before moving to Storms End. She arrived one day, homeless and heavily pregnant and the Mistress of the whore house offered her shelter. It was in this whore house that Amelie was to arrive into the world.
She never spoke of Amelies father, nor did she offer any inclination as to who he was. She regarded Amelie without love or affection, merely caring for her daughter out of a sense of duty it seemed. But Amelie loved her all the more. She was her mother, her blood and all that she knew. She would watch the other mothers in the whore house play with their kids and Amelie couldn’t help but feel jealous, often getting into fights with other kids for no reason other than she was jealous of them.

Life in the whore house wasn’t that bad, it was all that Amelie knew. While her mother entertained men all day long, Amelie explored the streets and did chores, helping out where she could.

As Amelie grew up and could care for herself a bit more, her mother began drinking more. Whore’s didn’t usually make enough money to drink themselves silly but her mother had a client that would pay her with a homemade concoction that always seemed to make her drunk. It was at the age of 10 that her mother began unfolding some of her past to the other women as she drank herself to oblivion when she was off duty. Amelie couldn’t help but over hear them one night talking as she lay awake in bed. It was then that little Amelie realised that her mother had been raped, that her life ruined by the past that haunted her, the shame it brought on her family and the little girl that looked so much like her father. Realising what this meant for her mother, Amelie stopped trying to find affection in her mother, hoping to ease her pain somehow. Instead she focused on learning from the other mothers of the house that were teaching the younger girls about darning needles, cleaning and being a good servant. It was there that she became close to one woman, a childless woman with a barren womb called Eva. Eva acted like a mother to the children while the other mothers worked but she paid particular interest in Amelie, perhaps sensing the loneliness in the girl.

Amelie often escaped to Eva’s room when her mother would have clients late in the evening and it was here the story of her birth was told to her. She hadn’t had an easy ride into the world, coming out feet first and blue, the cord wrapped around her. She was born with a head full of ebony curls but Eva mused that they must have turned white from her death as an infant. Miraculously she was revived by the house midwife which was something of a feat.

Once in her teenage years, Amelie received her first blood at the age of 14 and the Master of the house deemed her fit for auction. Auction happened when a girl came of age, it was all exciting as the girl was paraded through the whore house dressed in their finest clothes as men bid the highest amount to deflower the girl. Amelie’s flower took the highest price. It was during this time that her mothers mind began unravelling. It seemed even though she despised the child, she couldn’t bear the thought of her being sold into her trade and took her own life one night soon after she had her first client.

Her death didn’t affect Amelie that much as she had grown distant from her a long time ago, but the fact that she cared at all was a surprise to her. Her first client was a success, especially as she was taught a lot from Eva. And soon her career gained strength, she became the most requested whore of the house and as such she was treated the best, fed the best food provided and given plenty of trinkets and gifts from her clients. She could make any man or woman love her, adore her and give her what she needed, including money. She used her body like a warrior used a sword. It was her weapon and her defence. She was luckier than most of the girls in the house. She rarely got beatings and never on the face and she had yet to fall pregnant with someone’s bastard, a streak she intended to continue.

Eva died shortly after Amelie turned 18 from a savage beating from a client – which wasn’t that unheard of in Storms End but it broke Amelie’s heart, especially as the man walked free with nothing but a barring from using the whore house again. It was then that she decided she would leave this life, to break free of the chains that confined her, to live her life as she wanted by her rules.
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